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SEAFAIR Volunteer Groups

SEAFAIR volunteer “families” are an integral part of SEAFAIR.  These tireless goodwill ambassadors can be found at SEAFAIR events (sometimes behind the scenes), as well as representing SEAFAIR and Seattle in service projects throughout the year.  They include five key groups: Parade Marshals, Commodores, Boat Club, Clowns, and Pirates.

The following gives a summary of the work they do and a link to more information, should you wish to join their cause in any way.

Seafair Parade Marshals


Seafair Parade Marshals assist in the planning, promotion, and production of the SEAFAIR Torchlight Parade, as well as assisting in more than 20 different communities and local parades.

Seattle Seafair Commodores


Seafair Commodores is active year-round at festivals throughout the Northwest and British Columbia, as well as participating in many community service projects.

Seafair Boat Club


Seafair Boat Club supports SEAFAIR’S water-oriented activities, such as the Milk Carton Derby on Greenlake in July, the Hydroplane Races on Lake Washington in August, and the Special People’s Holiday Cruise in December.

Seattle Seafair Clowns


Seafair Clowns participate in SEAFAIR community festivals and parades, as well as visiting nursing homes and hospitals throughout the year, raising money for charity, and spreading laughter and good cheer wherever they go.

Seattle Seafair Pirates


Seafair Pirates come from many professions but are, generally speaking, 40 scary looking guys.  A leader, the nefarious Captain Kidd, is appointed each year to oversee the salty troupe’s shenanigans aboard their formidable carriage, the street-savvy MOBY DUCK.  Despite their bad-guy image, the Pirates make dozens of charitable appearances annually to hospitals, nursing homes and charity functions, all while promoting SEAFAIR and the Seattle community.