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SEAFAIR Parade Marshals



In the Thick of the Action


You could be there too!

Joining the SEAFAIR Parade Marshals allows you to learn what goes on behind the scenes of parades and have a lot of fun at the same time.

From putting the units into their proper lineup order to hosting visiting parade participants, SEAFAIR Parade Marshals are actively involved in giving back to their communities!

In Step With SEAFAIR


The SEAFAIR Parade Marshals organization is one of the SEAFAIR families of volunteers.

The Parade Marshals assist in the planning, promotion and production of the Alaska Airlines Torchlight Parade at SEAFAIR.

The Parade is one of the top in the nation and each summer it attracts more than 300,000 people to the parade route in downtown Seattle; making a wonderful family event.


From Assembly through Route to Dispersal, there is a place for interested applicants. In addition to attending community parades, the Torchlight Parade and membership meetings, we are looking for the following:
• Enthusiasm
• Enjoyment of laughter/some hard work
• Community service oriented
• Professionalism
• Good physical condition


Membership is open to those over 21.  Nominal annual dues and uniform purchase are required upon successful completion of training.  A willingness to develop parade management skills is essential.

We are an equal opportunity, all volunteer organization, encouraging cultural and ethnic diversity.

How to Begin

Talk to a Parade Marshal
Request Information

OR better yet…

Fill out an online application

Then the Action

Attend a parade or two and learn what is involved in the production. If you then have an interest in pursuing membership you will be assigned a training mentor to guide you through the Procedures and Rules of Assembly, Route, Dispersal, Communications, and Support Services.

After successful training in these areas while participating in several parades, the training mentor and Membership notify the Board of their recommendation for membership, and action to approve will be scheduled for the next regular meeting of the Executive Board.


Once you are a member you will receive an email invitation to become an Authorized User of our website.  As a user you will have access to download important documents, such as our Operations Manual, ByLaws and Member Roster by clicking the button below.

Once approved, and membership dues are paid, the prescribed uniform may be worn.  Purchase of the uniform is the responsibility of the members.  For the Torchlight Parade, it consists of a Navy Blue blazer, white shirt, tie, white slacks, white shoes, and captains hat for men; Wave hat for women.

All members wear blue aviator shirts, with no tie, white slacks and white shoes at Community Parades from May 1st through September 30th.

For questions: